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One Hit Wonder: Where Networking Ends and Failure Begins

August 10, 2015
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One Hit Wonder:  Are you one of these networking failures?  Try this scenario: Whoa! You just hit the jackpot. The conference you just attended yielded a lot of great new leads. The first thing you do when you get back to the office?  Jump onto LinkedIn and start sending connection requests to them, of course. Unfortunately, that’s where most people’s interactions die a lonely death, and you become a one-hit wonder. Networking means more than just exchanging contact information. It’s about sharing ideas. Asking for advice. Posing questions for community problem solving.  Building common experiences. But if you simply just… Read »

Winning Interviews: The Secret “Sauce” You Need To Know

July 23, 2015
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On the job hunt and want to know the secret to winning interviews?  Don’t just go in only with a copy of the résumé you used in application and your references. You need more tools than that. What it takes to get really noticed is innovation and differentiating yourself from the competition to be on the side of winning interviews. Sometimes, this can require being gutsy, and always require a good sensitivity to the appropriateness of your tactics. But when you pull out the stops and create a truly positive and memorable interview experience, employers remember that and more importantly,… Read »

Big Data is Watching Your Job Search

July 8, 2015
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Big data is watching your job search.  The future is here. NOW. An interesting post went out into an online recruiter forum recently. Bill Boorman, Founder of Tru, wrote: “Looks like GooodJob are following Joberate and setting spy alerts for fight risk on social media content. Received today: ‘Did you know that Network Monkey (our new product) can scan your employees’ social media profiles for changes indicating they’re looking for a new job? That’s right, we monitor your employees and notify you in advance so you’re in the driving seat.’” Whoa. Things just got a little more difficult for active… Read »

Layoffs are Imminent – What to Do Next and Why?

June 30, 2015
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Layoffs are imminent, even now that the economy is on the upswing.  This is part of the business process… refining operations and maximizing profitability isn’t meant to be personal. It is business right? Well, it is. But when it is your job on the line, it becomes VERY personal. The whispers and door closings become more frequent. Staff is on edge. They aren’t stupid.  The handwriting is on the wall. Layoffs are coming. If your “spider sense” is tingling and you have a feeling that layoffs are imminent, listen to your intuition. But don’t cave in to panic or fear…. Read »

When Team Spirit Fizzles Your Job Search

June 24, 2015
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Sure, we all want to demonstrate that we have team spirit, but it can fizzle your job search. Say what?!!!!??!! Yes, it’s great to be rah-rah about the team when talking about past projects, but sometimes, this can be a liability, versus an asset. In job searches, I’ve found that people start talking about their accomplishments in “we” and team spirit terms, and don’t use personal language. But that’s not what the employer is interested in… They aren’t hiring the rest of the team. They are interested in what YOU can do. Not the others. When it comes down to… Read »

Lead at Work… Without Being a Leader

June 9, 2015
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Do you want to lead? Believe it or not, as much as everyone likes to move forward and upward in their career, many professionals actually don’t want to get into leadership roles. The added responsibility, sleepless nights, and stress, as well as bringing work home regularly are completely compelling reasons to do what you do best: the worker bee kind of stuff. There’s some added truth to this, because as the saying goes: “too many cooks in the kitchen” means that if everyone is a leader, then they are too busy making their own changes/opinions… and nothing gets done or… Read »

What You Read Shapes Your Career

April 14, 2015
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Like many people, I am ashamed to admit that I have become a “skimmer,” which is a far cry from the voracious reader that I used to be in earlier years. In fact, as a kid, it was more common than not that I would be in the middle of a 500-page book. (Color me nerdy.) But today, skimming is a real problem. We are only touching the surface of an idea. We truly aren’t getting into the deeper and finer points of the content. Just get to the point, you say. What’s the baseline so I can understand what… Read »

The One Word That Can Shatter Your Career

April 2, 2015
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There’s one word that can do more harm than any other when it comes to your career. Using it cuts the legs out from underneath your credibility. It is one that too many people use… and the trouble is that they don’t even know that they are using it. What is this powerful word? It’s the word “think.” As in, “I think I am capable of doing this…” Or, “This is a task I can do, I think.” Too many times when I am interviewing clients about their accomplishments or abilities, they will use “I think.” Really? You think… but… Read »

Job Qualification Facts or Fantasy

March 24, 2015
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Job qualification is important. Here’s why: Recently, I was working with a client who had designs on getting into digital marketing as a career field. This person is obviously a go-getter, and has an exceptionally bright future ahead. However, this person’s current background is only in retail sales in a sporting goods store. After they sent over several job targets to me, I had to break the news that they didn’t even have any single job qualification. This was something they wanted to do, but had no skills in doing. Reading job postings and understanding what an employer is really… Read »

Why You Need To Get Over Being Nervous In Interviews

March 12, 2015
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Being nervous during interviews happens to most people. We tend to focus too much on what the outcome might be (read: I won’t get the job) that we forget to be in the moment. And that feeds our nervousness. But what we are really doing is becoming our very own saboteur. If you are so distracted by outcomes and not investing your energy into the conversation taking place, then THAT’s actually where you lose control and fail. Instead, try to think about an interview in these terms: Imagine that the interviewer is a celebrity you’ve been dying to meet. You… Read »