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Failure is Your Best Career Friend – What You Need To Know

August 22, 2016
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Failure: When it comes to work, we hate to fail. We become vulnerable. Less than expert. Prone to mistakes. And possibly less competent. At least that’s what our beady little brains tell us. But failure is a part of nature and a fact of life. Despite having a mindset of 100% perfect and anything less than perfect is a failure, there is a kernel of wisdom in our perfection-seeking lives. The nugget I am talking about is failure itself. We spend so much time avoiding discussing or even acknowledging it. But the best career strategists out there know exactly what… Read »

Fake it Until You Make it… or Break it!

August 3, 2016
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Fake it until you make it – we hear that phrase a lot. But being ready to move into the next level requires confidence. You need to have faith in yourself that you can not only do most of the job requirements, but also be able to navigate around and grow into learning new things that are part of the job. And the truth is that there is a lot of a new job that you won’t know. So you have to fake it until you make it… in terms of really understanding and knowing how to do the job…. Read »

Retirement: How to Get Off The Work Merry-Go-Round

June 21, 2016
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Retirement – it seems like a million years from now, but for many baby boomers, it is now suddenly looming in the rear-view mirror closer than ever. Consider the following example: Last week, I was providing résumé reviews at an industry conference, and a woman sat down in my booth. She sighed heavily, and said that she has been doing the same job for years, has been very good at it, and used to have a great deal of commitment and invested energy in her career. Now, however, she has reached the point where she will likely retire in the… Read »

Change: The Only Thing That Is Constant

June 7, 2016
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Change happens. It’s sometimes very scary to have things change. We are creatures of habit and routine, and when things are disrupted, the uncertainty can be almost paralyzing. But it can be completely freeing, too. When you throw off the conventional chains of daily living, things get shaken up.  The old rules don’t apply. We often get so stymied by following a pattern of rote behaviors that come about a pattern of routine that we fail to push past the humdrum of daily activities to see the possibility waiting outside. When things shift, the realm of possibility gets blown wide… Read »

Creative Resumes – How Far Do They REALLY Go?

May 13, 2016
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Creative resumes, when you first see them, are amazing creatures to behold. Sleek lines. Dazzling graphics. Amazing charts. Eye-catching colors. Creative layouts. But that’s what they are. Eye candy for human resource / hiring managers or recruiters who are so tired of boring old formats that their eyeballs are about ready to fall out of their sockets. So if creative resumes makes it onto the desk or inbox of the potential employer, chances are that the reader will perk up. “Aha!,” they exclaim. “Finally something INTERESTING to look at!” True fact: the purpose of a resume is to get the attention… Read »

Hidden Mistake Job Seekers Make That’s a Deal Killer

April 27, 2016
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One hidden mistake. That’s all it takes. And most people don’t even know that they are doing it. What I am talking about is a hidden mistake that can seep down into your psyche and truly wreak havoc. Well, what is this mysterious, dark secret? It’s when you ask a good friend, spouse/partner, or friend in human resources to read your résumé after you’ve worked on it. Say what?! Yep.  This hidden mistake has multiple layers. And here’s why: You and you alone know your career the best. People that work with you or are very close to you really… Read »

Elect to Not Discuss Politics in the Office

April 4, 2016
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Elect this candidate… Elect that candidate! Vote here! Go out and vote! Welcome to Election Year Politics, Version 2016, which is a hot topic these days. The contest for electing the new president is heating up, with a lot of questions up in the air. No doubt, many people are getting drawn into the November election whether they like it or not because there has been so much controversy and passion surrounding the potential candidates. And everyone seems to have an opinion. In fact, people are becoming so polarized and emotional about their candidate that sometimes, it is spilling over… Read »

Outplacement Services Humanize Corporate Culture and Brand

March 25, 2016
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Outplacement services matter to companies and the people who work for them. All too often, an employer finds itself in a position where there is a need for a reduction in workforce. Economic factors, change in leadership, direction shift, or top-grading demands that employees and their roles be evaluated. Unfortunately, many business see the chopping block as the option, and are rather merciless about it. Employees are brought in, given the bad news, then literally booted out the door, all in a state of disbelief and shock. But what employers really don’t bank on is the hidden cost to such… Read »

Boomerang Employees: Don’t Burn Bridges

March 18, 2016
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Boomerang employees: I love this topic and how it sounds. But it is such a great description. A recent study from the Workforce Institute at Kronos and WorkplaceTrends.com provided these incredible statistics:  46% of millennials, 33% of Gen X, and 29% of Baby Boomers boomerang back to a previous employer. Staggering, isn’t it? But it’s pretty common. In fact, I’ve boomeranged twice myself to two different past employers. Reasons for “boomerang-ing” include: The employee is recruited back to the company. The employee gains new skills and returns in a different capacity. The other job proved disappointing and the employer needed… Read »

The Secret Second Life of Your Career

March 11, 2016
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The secret second life of your career? What does this mean? Let me preface this explanation with this background thought: All of us have experienced a path of our own choosing to arrive where we are currently. Circumstances and people have helped sway and bend the shape of that route, but ultimately, we are the ones who have made decisions that led up to present circumstances. When first starting out, there were a lot of questions in our mind. “Do I know how to do the job?” “Can I do the job?” “Do others trust me to do the job?”… Read »